Wilderness Programs For At-Risk Youth

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Wilderness therapy, more so than other programs, addresses the various issues youth have that put them in the at-risk category and the behaviors that can prevent them from success. Wilderness adventure therapy can increase self-efficacy, self-esteem, problem-solving and decrease depression and conduct disordered behaviors among other issues at-risk youth may have.

Wilderness Therapy for Depression and Anxiety: Why Is It So Effective?

Wilderness Therapy for Depression and Anxiety | Aspiro Wilderness Adventure Therapy

Over the past few decades, wilderness therapy programs have become more prevalent, as the demand for effective alternatives in therapy has increased. The popularity of wilderness therapy is due to its ability to help teens and young adults in overcoming depression and anxiety– among other cognitive, emotional, and behavioral issues. Does Wilderness Therapy Work? YES! … Read more

The Gift of Holidays at Aspiro

Wilderness treatment | Aspiro Wilderness Adventure Therapy

The holiday season is traditionally a time for families to gather together. It can be a very stressful time of year for anyone and particularly for Aspiro families who have a loved one away from home. Perhaps recent family dynamics haven’t been as positive adding to their distress. Aspiro provides an opportunity, anytime of the … Read more

The 3 Key Considerations for Treatment Programs

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With your child as one of the most important people in your life, selecting the best treatment program when they are struggling becomes a vital decision. As you consider the many options of programs three key considerations will help you identify the best fit for your child and family:

1. Programs and services offered
2. Immediate outcomes for your child
3. Lasting results

Treatment Programs and Services

Many programs offer a “one size fits all” approach; however, your child is an individual with unique needs. After identifying your child’s struggles, ask the programs how they will help your son or daughter with his or her specific need. At Aspiro, for example, we offer:

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