Navigating a 5150 Hold for Minors: A Guide for Parents

Navigating a 5150 Hold For Minors: A Guide for Parents

When your child is struggling, your whole world can get turned upside down in an instant. This is especially true when your child is struggling with their mental health or has a mental illness. If your child’s needs become critical, the situation can seem out of control, and as parents, it can feel as though … Read more

Wilderness Programs For At-Risk Youth

wilderness programs for at-risk youth - Aspiro Wilderness Therapy

Wilderness therapy, more so than other programs, addresses the various issues youth have that put them in the at-risk category and the behaviors that can prevent them from success. Wilderness adventure therapy can increase self-efficacy, self-esteem, problem-solving and decrease depression and conduct disordered behaviors among other issues at-risk youth may have.

19 Signs of a Troubled Teen

19 Signs of a Troubled Teen | Aspiro Wilderness Therapy Program

Teenage years and teenage problems can be rough for parents and teens alike. As teens make mistakes, learn, and develop the skills necessary to be an independent autonomous adult, it can seem like they are on an emotional roller coaster. Some behaviors that teens display are normal, such as mood swings, increased peer influence, and a changing appearance. There are always going to be typical, teenage problems and behaviors. As teens strive for more independence and explore their own opinions, arguments with family members and struggling for more freedom are not uncommon; however, there are some red flag signs your teen may be in trouble that every parent should be aware of.

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Aspiro Infographic: Help for Troubled Teens

Wilderness Therapy Programs For Troubled Teens | Aspiro Adventure Therapy

Teenage years can be rough for parents and teens alike. Often times, it can seem like teens are on an emotional roller coaster, as this is a dynamic time in one’s life. Keep in mind that if your teen is displaying undesirable or deviant behavior, it could be the result of a more serious issue that needs to be addressed therapeutically. In order to promote a life-long change and ensure a smooth transition into adulthood, it is important to get help for troubled teens. Helping your son or daughter transition into a successful, happy, well-balanced adult means being there for him or her during the difficult teenaged years.

This new Aspiro infographic, Help for Troubled Teens, takes a look at some of the surprising statistics about the issues today’s teens face.

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Teen Intervention: Five Warning Signs Your Teen Needs Help

Wilderness Therapy Programs For Troubled Teens | Aspiro Adventure Therapy

Parents often reassure themselves that their pre-adolescent or adolescent is doing fine as long as the child is not involved in dangerous behavior (alcohol use, drug use, sexual acting out) and is making good grades. In fact, the warning signs of impending trouble are actually closer to home than the more extreme behaviors just mentioned. … Read more