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The Proven Alternative to Bootcamp for Kids

While bootcamps focus on behavior modification and extrinsic (external force) motivations…

…our Wilderness Adventure Therapy teaches your adolescent intrinsic (internal decision) motivation. Your child will learn how to problem solve, manage and assess risk, and drive their own motivation as opposed to being forced into actions.


As Unique as Your Child

Students participate in individual and group sessions facilitated by a Master’s or Ph.D. level therapist who creates a comprehensive assessment of each student and their specific needs. They’ll gather information from parents, professionals, psychological testing, and therapeutic field observations to create a detailed recommendation for the transition plan and long-term success of your child.

It’s All About the Family

Aspiro has pioneered a family component including a multi-day family workshop. Parent participation is fundamental as our clinical team addresses family concerns and family dynamics in each of our wilderness therapy programs.

Accurate and Safe

Upon arrival and during the orientation phase, students receive a physical health assessment prior to their first adventure. All staff have successfully passed an extensive background check. In addition, all staff members have been trained in CPR, first aid, risk management assessment, and outdoor living skills and adventure facilitation. They work closely with our clinicians to implement therapeutic assignments, taking accurate clinical notes from field observations. All of our clinical staff participate in regular service training to provide the most appropriate therapy for teens.

Communication and Growth

Our staff provide caring, consistent, and honest communication and connection with each of our students.

We take our responsibility very seriously when working with your children. The outdoor setting provides a distraction free and nurturing atmosphere in which students can begin to heal from anger, depression, drug use, and family conflicts. Students may face fears and feel vulnerable during their experience, and for every decision they make and every struggle they overcome, a wiser child emerges. Our experienced and fully licensed therapists employ proven methods and techniques such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical-behavioral therapy, reality therapy, person-centered therapy, solution-focused therapy for teens, and other beneficial approaches. Students have the opportunity to earn academic credits during their adventure at Aspiro. Students know we truly care about them and their success.

Why Wilderness?