Free White Paper: Depression and Anxiety in Teens and Young Adults

Free White Paper: Depression and Anxiety in Teens and Young Adults | Aspiro Adventure Therapy

Aspiro Adventure’s Wilderness Adventure Therapy, which provides help for teens and young adults through a variety of challenges, announced today the publication of a new White Paper, “Depression and Anxiety in Teens and Young Adults” The fourteen-page White Paper is designed to help parents, teachers, school counselors, or anyone needing advice on where to turn to help a teen or young adult through anxiety or depression.anxiety and depression in young adults | Aspiro Wilderness Adventure Therapy

Society tends to view depression and anxiety as “adult” problems. In fact, even experts once believed that only adults could have depression severe enough to require treatment. This can be a very dangerous misconception.

Because it is perfectly normal for teens and young adults to be sad or moody, sometimes even parents can overlook major symptoms of depression and anxiety in their child. It is all too common for these signs and symptoms to appear as “growing pains,” “being dramatic,” or “teenage problems,” in teens and young adults.

Another reason depression and anxiety are often overlooked in teens and young adults is that symptoms in teens and young adults can appear very different than they do among adults. Depression or anxiety can look different in every individual and may vary from sadness and hopelessness to irritability and hostility.

If depression and anxiety are left untreated, some individuals may go as far as self-injury or suicide. The most important thing you can do for your child is to step in and talk to them; see how he or she is feeling. Getting help at the first signs of anxiety or depression means that your son or daughter can start recovery sooner.

  1. Signs of Depression in Teens and Young Adults
  2. Signs of Anxiety in Teens and Young Adults
  3. Can You Have Anxiety and Depression?
  4. The Importance of Early Intervention: Getting Your Child Help for Depression and/or Anxiety
  5. Treatment Options for Depression and Anxiety
  6. Supporting Your Child Through Their Depression or Anxiety and Treatment
  7. Why Is Wilderness Therapy So Effective at Helping with Anxiety and Depression?
  8. Considering Treatment for Depression or Anxiety? What to Look for In a Reputable Wilderness Therapy Program

About Aspiro Adventure

Aspiro Adventure’s Wilderness Adventure Therapy program was uniquely crafted to assist students and their families in creating lasting, life-long emotional changes through compassionate, intentional, research-backed, and safe outdoor adventure therapy programs. The professionals at Aspiro Adventure understand individuals don’t come with instructions, and every student is unique, capable, and amazing in their own right.

Aspiro Adventure focuses on helping adolescents, young adults, and their families through difficulties that occur when various behavioral, cognitive, or developmental issues are present. Research shows that engaging individuals on a personal level with strategic and intentional activities will aid in developing the tools and skills necessary to engage life in a healthy and positive way.

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