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At Pure Life Aspiro we genuinely love our work, our students and the communities we serve. Our field mentors share in the challenging and rewarding experience with our students, while our therapists help to facilitate with the values of hope, accountability, integrity, grit, a sense of play and a passion for compassion. With the safety of our students in mind, professional therapists and field mentors are present with the group every day of our program. A structure of experiential learning, group discussion/therapy sessions, leadership training, and personal development workshops will be a large part of each student’s daily routine.


Integrated Therapeutic Model

Our students attend Pure Life to experience a new and more dynamic approach to treatment. Utilizing an integrated therapeutic model enables our students to engage with different things that require varying degrees of skill sets. Exposure to multiple novel environments enhances our ability to functionally access strengths and weaknesses, in addition to, providing a greater opportunity for students to generalize skill-sets back into different domains of life. The integrated treatment model includes individual and group psychotherapy, family therapy, adventure therapy, experiential education, cultural immersion, sustainable living, community service, mentoring, and a focus on health/wellness.

Meeting Them Where They’re At

Each student receives formal individual and group therapy by a licensed therapist at Pure Life. Instead of holding one common bar for each student to attain, we recognize that they come into the program at different levels. Some students may need a little more encouragement or help in certain areas than others. Since Pure Life is a small program, we have the ability to do individualized treatment. This means we can tailor some of the therapeutic components specifically for each student. For example, if a student presents with a conflicting parental relationship, they may have difficulty with written or verbal communication.

Getting to the Core

It is not uncommon for students to arrive and immediately begin complaining about what is not going right in their lives. In turn, parents typically talk about a lot of behavioral concerns they have with their son/daughter. These behavioral concerns are always representative of other things occurring beneath the surface. We call this “getting to the core” of what is going on. Almost all behaviors can be traced to a few core variables on the inside, which inherently drive the behavior. Determining what the challenges are and how complex or deep-rooted the needs are, is an essential element to the overall assessment that must be completed. This leads to a more effective treatment process as we then begin to focus more on the solutions to life’s challenges, as opposed to the “problem” or pathology.

Pura Vida!

In a recent study Costa Rica was found to be the happiest country in the world.

If you’ve ever been to Costa Rica, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Costa Ricans or “Ticos”, as they affectionately call themselves, embrace the principle of living simply and enjoying the good things that life has to offer. In our high tech, fast paced, “I want it now” society, we tend to get lost in the many distractions that are so freely available to us. Although this pace has its benefits, it is easy to lose track of what’s most important and most importantly who we are. It is next to impossible to spend time in this beautiful culture without being forever changed. For more information, please visit www.PureLifeAdventure.com

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