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Taking Adventure Therapy to New Heights

Our Wilderness Adventure Therapy (WAT) program was uniquely crafted to…

assist students and their families in creating lasting, life-long emotional changes through compassionate, intentional, research backed, and safe outdoor adventure therapy programs. We understand individuals don’t come with instructions, and every student is unique, capable, and amazing in their own right.



Our Aspiro adolescent program is clinically designed to treat emotional and behavioral challenges for males and females ages 13-17 years old. Utilizing an integrated assessment and treatment model, a formal individualized treatment plan, which includes the family system, is developed for each adolescent. Adolescent groups are single gendered.
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Young Adults

Young adults are experiencing important transitional decisions that will effect the rest of their life. Aspiro’s coed young adult program serves a client population from 18-28 years old struggling with co-occurring emotional, behavioral, and mental health challenges. Young adults require developmentally appropriate treatment including a dynamic group milieu.
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Vantage Point

Working with issues such as NLD, ADD/ADHD, Pervasive Developmental Disorders, Learning Disorders, Social and Executive Functioning Deficits, and Autism Spectrum Disorders, the Vantage Point program took everything that makes Aspiro great and built this program from the ground up.
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Pure Life

Pure Life Aspiro is Costa Rica’s premier Outdoor Adventure Therapy program for young adults who struggle with anxiety, lack of motivation, depression, and other deficits surrounding executive function, social skills and neurodevelopmental issues.
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Wilderness Adventure Therapy

Research-based models of wilderness adventure therapy allow clinical research and facts to define the best methods for treatment and long-lasting change.

There is no room for “guesswork” with your child, and we’ve gone through great lengths to ensure everything we do is strategic, intentional, effective, and long-lasting. Through our research-proven models, your child’s therapist and treatment team will work directly with your child, not as a number, but as a unique person. Understanding your child’s personality, strengths, and weaknesses allows us to plan intentional experiences in a controlled atmosphere of healing and hands-on activity to facilitate the intrinsic motivation to change, which drives everything we do. Once your child realizes the intrinsic desire to change, we focus on your child’s strengths to help them believe they can. Through compassionate and intentional interactions, your child will develop a high level of self-efficacy. We help your child break down the false limitations and preconceptions they’ve believed about themselves. They will see their true potential and realize, maybe for the first time in their life, they are capable; they are special; they are worthy.


Why Aspiro?

Since 2005, we’ve been working with independent researchers to ensure our programs are the most effective possible. Everything we do — from the staff we hire to how we facilitate our adventure therapy programs — is intentionally designed to effectively create immediate and long-lasting changes, both within the student, their families, and their futures.

As Unique As Your Child

Every child’s circumstances and issues are as unique as they are. The only responsible way to help your child is by treating them uniquely. Our treatment teams work cohesively to fully understand your child before making any decisions on treatment. Only when we know who your child is can we design and implement an effective and unique treatment plan. It is imperative your child is with other children with similar struggles and paired with a specialized treatment team.

Motivational, not Authoritative

Self-efficacy and intrinsic motivation are what we strive for. Our adventure therapy model employs “teaching by doing” in order to not just show your child what is possible, but to have them live it. Independent research shows students thrive in highly structured individual and group centered novel outdoor environments. We use adventure therapy not only for recreation sake, but more importantly, as a tool to better understand your child’s unique struggles. Through these experiences, he or she will learn first hand the natural consequences of decision making (good and bad), proper judgment skills, and personal empowerment.

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