19 Signs of a Troubled Teen

Signs of a troubled teenager | Aspiro Adventure Therapy

Teenage years and teenage problems can be rough for parents and teens alike. As teens make mistakes, learn, and develop the skills necessary to be an independent autonomous adult, it can seem like they are on an emotional roller coaster. Some behaviors that teens display are normal, such as mood swings, increased peer influence, and a changing appearance. There are always going to be typical, teenage problems and behaviors. As teens strive for more independence and explore their own opinions, arguments with family members and struggling for more freedom are not uncommon; however, there are some red flag signs your teen may be in trouble that every parent should be aware of.

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16 Signs of Depression in Young Adults and Teens

Signs of Depression in Young Adults and Teens | Aspiro Adventure Therapy

Depression in teens and young adults doesn’t consist of just moodiness and bouts of sadness or melancholy. Major Depressive Disorder is a serious problem that has the potential to affect many aspects of an individual’s life. While many well-adjusted adults have trouble learning how to deal with depression, it is even more difficult for teens and young adults. Left undiagnosed or untreated, depression in teens and young adults can lead to serious, harmful behaviors, such as substance abuse, promiscuity, self-injuring or mutilation, violence, or even suicide.

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Free White Paper: Depression and Anxiety in Teens and Young Adults

Free White Paper: Depression and Anxiety in Teens and Young Adults | Aspiro Adventure Therapy

Aspiro Adventure’s Wilderness Adventure Therapy, which provides help for teens and young adults through a variety of challenges, announced today the publication of a new White Paper, “Depression and Anxiety in Teens and Young Adults” The fourteen-page White Paper is designed to help parents, teachers, school counselors, or anyone needing advice on where to turn to help a teen or young adult through anxiety or depression.

Society tends to view depression and anxiety as “adult” problems. In fact, even experts once believed that only adults could have depression severe enough to require treatment. This can be a very dangerous misconception.

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Aspiro Infographic: Help for Troubled Teens

Wilderness Therapy Programs For Troubled Teens | Aspiro Adventure Therapy

Teenage years can be rough for parents and teens alike. Often times, it can seem like teens are on an emotional roller coaster, as this is a dynamic time in one’s life. Keep in mind that if your teen is displaying undesirable or deviant behavior, it could be the result of a more serious issue that needs to be addressed therapeutically. In order to promote a life-long change and ensure a smooth transition into adulthood, it is important to get help for troubled teens. Helping your son or daughter transition into a successful, happy, well-balanced adult means being there for him or her during the difficult teenaged years.

This new Aspiro infographic, Help for Troubled Teens, takes a look at some of the surprising statistics about the issues today’s teens face.

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How We Spend the Holidays at Aspiro

Thanksgiving dinner in a wilderness therapy program

Needless to say, the holidays are a special time of year. Usually, this time is spent with close friends and family. Aspiro recognizes that it’s a very tough decision to love your child enough to decide to place him or her in a program away from home; this decision can be even more difficult when your child is continuing to receive help over the holidays. As emotional as it is for parents to care from a distance, it likely is even more challenging for your child to be away from his or her home and family during this season. As a result, we intentionally and sincerely strive to make the holidays at Aspiro as fun, loving, happy, and memorable as possible.

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Spotlight on Jamie Kaczmarek and Vantage Point

Jamie Kaczmarek, a therapist at Aspiro Adventure's Vantage Point Program for teens and young adults on the spectrum

Jamie Kaczmarek has been instrumental in the development of Aspiro’s Vantage Point program and has been working in the wilderness therapy profession for the past 14 years. She specializes in working with adolescent males and females ages 13-17 years old. According to Jamie, establishing and maintaining meaningful relationships is the foundation of the Vantage Point program.

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North Carolina Aspiro Alumni Initiative

North Carolina Alumni Initiative | Aspiro Wilderness Adventure Therapy

Today with heavy hearts we said farewell to the incredible families who came out for the North Carolina Aspiro Alumni Initiative. There was so much bravery, compassion, and strength shown over the past few days. Yet again, our Aspiro alumni have shown that they are the driving force behind the work we are blessed to preform here at Aspiro.

Folks got right into the mud during our first nights group. They laid their hearts on the table, opening up and discussing the real issues and challenges they face as families. In addition, they shared all the accomplishments they’ve experienced since returning home.

Our second day was mind blowing! These folks embraced the challenge of climbing and pulled out all the stops. Positive communication and cheering echoed across the granite faces on which they climbed. After an enjoyable session of art therapy, these families took things even deeper. During our group there were tears, laughter, and overwhelming hope. Families reached out to one another without judgement.

Thank you for touching my heart and sharing so much of yourselves. This was an awe inspiring inspirational experience.

Until our paths cross again,

Shane Maxson
Director of Adventure Programming
Aspiro Group

COVID-19 Update

Aspiro Adventure Therapy is continuing to support families through this unprecedented time. We are closely monitoring information related to COVID-19 and have implemented additional safety precautions to mitigate risks. Our enhanced admissions screening and program guidelines are informed by the CDC and Utah department of health. To learn more, contact us at (801) 349-2740.

Josh Watson, LCSW

Also specializes in: crisis de-escalation / anxiety resolution / frustration tolerance / verbal de-escalation / CBT/DBT / interpersonal relationships/leadership development

Josh has been working with adolescents, young adults, and their families since 2001. As an original member of the Aspiro Leadership Team, Josh has fulfilled several roles at Aspiro including Clinical Wilderness Therapist, Clinical Supervision, Admissions Director, Strategic Development, and currently serves as the Chief Marketing Officer. He is passionate about carrying out the mission of Aspiro and creating the best possible experience for our clients. When Josh is not at work he enjoys traveling, cooking, outdoor adventure (of course!), golf, and spending time doing just about anything with his wife and two daughters.