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“The best part about the seminar was seeing the progress in our son and seeing the level of interest, involvement, and care taken by his guides, therapist, and Aspiro staff.” – Parent

The workshop is intended to provide a structured, positive reunion between you and your child. We know both you and your child have experienced change over these past weeks and hope to offer a comfortable environment in which your family can increase in love, respect, and understanding. You are likely to see many areas of growth in yourself and your Aspiro student. You may also see some regression to past behaviors or areas where growth is still needed. The workshop is a two-day experience designed to provide learning opportunities through instruction and activities. Workshop topics include reducing collusion, doing what is best for everyone and family relationships. The workshop is intended to provide a structured multi-family group experience in which parents and students reconnect and practice relationship skills. The workshop can be seen as preparation for family therapy.

The ultimate goal is that each family member learns to focus on how their behaviors affect family relationships. Most parents attend a workshop during their son or daughter’s stay at Aspiro. It is best to have parents attend after the student has been at Aspiro for four weeks or more, so it usually happens in the latter half of the student’s stay. It is much better to have the workshop happen near the end of a student’s Aspiro experience than to have it happen too early. We do recommend that students are at Aspiro for at least two weeks after the workshop. Typically, students do not leave the workshop with their parents. Workshops are typically scheduled every 5 weeks from September through May and every three weeks in June, July, and August. Check with your therapist regarding workshop dates. Parents often describe the workshop as fun, relaxed, exciting and emotionally challenging. It can be hard, but hopefully it is the “good kind of hard” that moves you and your family forward along life’s journey. We do our best to help make sure things go smoothly. Our goal is to do what is best, leaving no one out. Remember “the best” solution is not always ideal for everyone.