Our Research

Since 2005, The Aspiro Group has been conducting research in the area of wilderness adventure therapy. It has been our mission to implement innovative solutions for families that create meaningful, lasting change. The Aspiro Group was created to help adolescents, young adults, and their families through challenges that can occur when various behavioral, psychological, or developmental issues are present. As a result, we operate our program from a clinically sophisticated and research-based model. Our emphasis on research is important to us because everything we do is intentionally designed to assist students and their families in creating lasting changes and it is important to us to ensure that the work we are doing is indeed creating those changes.

From the beginning, Aspiro has sought out experts to help us improve our program and analyze effectiveness. We are active members of the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Council and the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs, organizations that uphold professional best practices and ethical, researched-based standards. As a demonstration of our commitment to program development, Aspiro has also pioneered and funded many studies about the effectiveness of   Wilderness and Adventure Therapy.

Our research has been foundational in our deeper understanding of the wilderness adventure therapy model and our ability to effectively implement it in treatment. Over the last several years, each of our therapists, field guides, and students have been involved in our research efforts. Through the collection of both qualitative and quantitative data, and through thoughtful analysis, we are able to adjust programming to improve therapeutic interventions and to continually improve our outcomes.

Proven Results

Aspiro, as a member of the Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Council, has followed and contributed data to studies that show wilderness therapy indeed works.

Here is one of their latest:

At the link below, you can find more information on research done by OBH:

Our own research has also found the efficacy of wilderness therapy, and even beyond that, the powerful impact of Adventure Therapy.
The model we use for change produces a lasting impact. Evidence for this, as well as many sources we have used over the years for data collection, are attached:

In addition, here you can find our own research magazine, that we published after years of data collection from our students and families: