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While nobody wants to send their child away for mental health treatment, sometimes doing what’s best for your child is not the easiest.

At first, some parents are apprehensive about sending their children to a wilderness adventure therapy program for help; however, the results are often worth it. In our recent research and follow up with families, parents have spoken highly of their experience at Aspiro. Below are thoughts they have shared:

1. “It’s a fantastic program in every sense and I’m not sure where things would be today had we not sent our daughter to Aspiro. It has been a life saver for our whole family and as parents their support has helped us to recalibrate how we do things.”

2. “The best thing that I ever did for my child and my family!!! The truly caring, compassionate and professional staff were always available to answer my questions.”

3. “During this difficult time in trying to help my son, I felt that I never met anyone that “Got It” until I met (my son’s therapist) and his staff. They truly have a genuine “caring” for their students and their student’s success.”

4. “Without a doubt the counseling staff at Aspiro makes the program! Their experience, in conjunction with their compassion, allows the students to better understand themselves and their current dependencies. The bond formed between my child and his therapist has lasted beyond the wilderness, providing a lifeline to talk thru situations encountered in ‘life after wilderness’. The Aspiro counselors definitely made the difference in my son’s ability to find himself and move forward in his life.”

5. “I’ve been taking (my son) to therapists and doctors since he was a baby. (His therapist) understood (my son) better than anyone else ever has. I am in awe. She and the wilderness therapy team have done an astounding job of getting (my son) willing to view himself in a new light, to see himself as someone who can succeed, as someone who can make positive changes in his own life through his own work. He truly didn’t believe this was possible before his Aspiro experience. Now, for the first time, I think he has a shot at living a rich, independent life.”

6. “We are very grateful to all the staff at Aspiro for the work they did with our son and support for us during a very difficult time. The personal growth our son achieved while at Aspiro was life changing. The dedication of the staff was evident in their commitment to helping him succeed.”

7. “Great operation. Great people. Thanks.”

8. “Thanks for the dedication to this important need in today’s society. We really needed the support that Aspiro provides.”

9. “My daughter learned things about herself that she didn’t know before Aspiro. She made lifetime friends and we repaired our family relationships. I don’t want to say she came back a different girl because she didn’t really…but she did come back a less angry, self-destructive bomb waiting to go off. Aspiro helped her get back to the girl I know she wants to be and helped her grow into the woman she will become…look out world…after Aspiro she finally knows she can, and will do great things.”

10. “Today, (my daughter) states that she will never regret her experience at Aspiro Wilderness. Even though it was the toughest thing she ever did, she wouldn’t trade the experience for anything in the world.”

Being able to change lives for the better and improve family relationships are huge parts of what makes our work so meaningful here at Aspiro Wilderness Adventure Therapy.

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Aspiro Adventure Therapy is continuing to support families through this unprecedented time. We are closely monitoring information related to COVID-19 and have implemented additional safety precautions to mitigate risks. Our enhanced admissions screening and program guidelines are informed by the CDC and Utah department of health. To learn more, contact us at (801) 349-2740.