10 Signs Your Teen’s Anger Is Out of Control

If a parent is concerned about the level of anger and defiance a teen is exhibiting, the first step is understanding what behaviors are normal for teens and which behaviors may indicate a more serious issue. If your teen is exhibiting one or more of the following behaviors, they likely have anger issues that require external help.

  1. Physical Aggression or Violence
  2. Excessive arguing with parents, teachers, and peers
  3. Regular emotional outbursts
  4. Irrational thinking and behavior
  5. Bullying
  6. Verbal threats
  7. Cruel behaviors to people or animals
  8. Criminal activity
  9. Destroying property
  10. Self-harm

Any of the above behaviors are a red flag that your teen’s anger issues require professional treatment, in addition to parental support. If your teen’s anger extends beyond normal response to outside stressors and exhibits one or more of the above behaviors, the next step is to lay a parenting plan in place and consult with his or her physician.

Do you know a teen struggling with anger management?

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