Preparation for Aspiro Adventure Therapy

What Should I Bring to Wilderness Therapy?

We understand that you are going through some big decisions and therefore our goal is to make your preparation simple. Aspiro provides all of the clothing, footwear, hygiene items, and gear that is needed for the duration of the program. You don’t need to buy or bring anything. We want to ensure that students have high-quality clothing and gear that has been tried and true for meeting their needs in the outdoors.

EXCEPTIONS: If your student requires glasses, retainers, orthotics, or prescription medication, those items should be brought into the program. Please consult with your admissions counselor about any questions related to travel and arrival details.

Admissions Process

To begin the admissions process, please contact an admissions counselor by calling 801-349-2740 or emailing [email protected]. Your admissions counselor will answer any questions about the program and walk you through the needed steps for enrollment, which includes filling out our online application found here:

Is Wilderness Therapy Right for My Family?

To determine if Aspiro’s wilderness therapy program might be right for your family, feel free to fill out our online assessment below:

*Please note that this is different than the actual online application.