Our Mission, Our Vision, Our Guiding Philosophy

Adventure Heals

Our Mission, Our Vision, Our Guiding Philosophy

Adventure Heals

Our Values

Excellence: Driven to be the best.

Humility: Serve. Learn. Grow.

Courage to face what is.

Our Commitment

Safety and Risk Assessment

We have said it before and we will repeat it again, safety and risk assessment is the number one priority. We employ a dedicated risk assessment team that consistently evaluates our program and provides training and implements updated protocol.

Research backed

From the inception of our pilot programs in 2005, assumptions and guesswork have never been an option. Continuing to leverage research-based outcomes for our wilderness treatment, centers us on a foundation of measurable impact.

Thorough Clinical Assessments

A proper assessment is the hallmark of planning and progression. Without knowing where your child starts, we cannot plan where they should be going. For this reason, we only partner with industry-leading testers and hire excellent and highly trained clinicians.

Licensed Masters and PhD level Therapists

Our parent testimonies consistently indicate high satisfaction levels of our therapists, specifically related to areas of competence, communication, and empathy. Our clinical team is committed and passionate about walking parents through the unfamiliar experience of wilderness therapy.

Here is a direct link to a testimony of one of our parents (click here for more): 

“During this difficult time in trying to help my son, I never felt that anyone ‘got it’ until I met [our therapist] and his staff. They truly have a genuine caring for their students and [their] success.”

Highly Trained Therapeutic Field Guides

Like our therapists, our therapeutic field guides are so much more than an impressive resume. From our thorough and extensive application and hiring process to the ongoing training and clinical collaboration with our therapists, our therapeutic field guides are instrumental in providing safe and effective programming for our students. As a part of our internal research, we have developed a “persona” that clearly defines what type of person — personality, skill set, passions, and drive — will work best in being part of our treatment team and aid in life-long success for our students. In fact, it is not uncommon for our therapeutic field guides to become clinical assistants, aiding our therapists in the fields, or even to become licensed therapists and maintain their own cases.