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High Uintas

The Uinta Mountains are the western entrance to the Great Rocky Mountains. Although the western edge isn’t as rugged as its eastern counterpart it still hosts the wild beauty the Rockies are known for. Your child will be hiking or snowshoeing through a wonderland of Balsam, Pinion, and Juniper forests amidst the soft rolling peaks surrounding Tabby Mountain. The Uintas are home to Whitetail, Mule Deer, Mountain Sheep, and Moose which frequent the many springs and creeks scattered through the region. Backpacking at 6000ft and higher will challenge even the heartiest of athletes. Teamwork and determination drive our students to visualize goals, develop coping strategies, and problem solving skills that will carry them forward in life when the mountains are only a memory. Along with backpacking, your child will be learning orienteering and navigation skills. Through careful observation of their environment, they will identify potential hazards in the landscape, lead their teammates, and learn to navigate the challenges of their own life.

Wasatch Front

Mount Timponogos rises 12,000ft from the Salt Lake Valley, the crown of the Wasatch. She stands as a beacon of the beauty and adventure that await those who are willing to enter this wonderland. Your children will explore and test their metal within the deep mountain canyons and vertical castle walls that define this landscape. The Wasatch was once only the stomping ground for Ute hunters, rugged miners, and wild lumbermen. It now plays host to an experience like no other; your child will be skiing the powdery slopes of the Sundance Resort, mountain biking the world class trails of Park City, and climbing the spectacular limestone and quartzite escarpment of Rock Canyon. This region has the ability to dwarf our daily problems with the sheer magnitude it exudes to those who gaze upon it. Difficulties seem easier to handle when the world around is so much larger than our small bodies. After completing a Wasatch itinerary students feel a sense that much more is possible than they ever could believe. The activities of the Wasatch have a high challenge level and focus on safe technical mastery, appropriate risk management, and a real world alternative to the unhealthy behaviors that many of our students had developed before coming to Aspiro.

Great Basin

Miles of openness, rolling desert hills, the smell of juniper and sage; this is the western edge of civilization. It can be difficult for students to appreciate the stark desert landscape of the Great Basin, which is exactly the best reason to spend a few days backpacking, hiking, or mountain biking through this region. No distractions, a time for deep reflection, time to take care of ourselves and confront the difficult emotions that cause us to stagger on our path. The desert has drawn people to her harsh and unforgiving wildness to search for a greater understanding of their purpose. In the Basin your child will smell the salty breeze that emanates from the Great Salt Lake while surrounded by Buffalo, Pronghorn, and Mountain Sheep at Antelope Island. They feel their troubles lessen while hiking and backpacking in the West Desert, and it may be, in this wild place, they will open themselves to their Greatness within.

The Colorado Plateau

This is “Red Rock Country.” Our excursions into Arches and Canyonlands National Parks are one of the highlights of every Aspiro student’s experience. The high desert gives way to the winding canyons, fins, hoodoos, and arches that draw people to Utah. Along with the National Parks your child will be exploring the Escalante and Ouray Canyons. This area boasts hundreds of miles of trail that will engulf the senses with a kaleidoscopic array of scenery. Be it canyoneering, day hiking or backpacking, the day will be full of surprises. Using their navigation skills, students will weave their way through this beautiful maze, learning firsthand how their daily decisions will impact success or a wrong turn.

Mojave Desert

Saint George, Utah is the destination for our trips to the Mojave. The Great Basin landscape gives way to a barren expanse dominated by Joshua trees, yucca, and stone. The volcanic history of the region is evident by cliff bands of basalt, scorched earth, and winding lava tubes. While hiking through this seemingly harsh environment, your child will be transfixed by the diversity that appears around every corner. Rock climbing is the main focus of this excursion. Throughout this region students will be challenged by the variety of climbing opportunities that abound. The smooth columns of basalt at Black Rocks, the soft desert sandstone of Prophesy Wall, and the sharp limestone of Welcome Springs all provide a unique experience for both the novice and familiar climber.