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Therapist and teens in Moab during wilderness therapy - Asprio Wilderness Adventure Therapy    

About Aspiro

Aspiro began in 2006 with the goal of taking therapeutic wilderness programs to the next level in the treatment of adolescents, young adults, and those with Asperger syndrome (now considered an autism spectrum disorder). Since our inception, independent research has been a driving factor in our model, allowing us to always ask the question, “can we do better?” We broke the mold of many programs, which at one point were very effective, but are now outdated.



There is a phrase commonly heard amongst our staff that embodies the heart of everything we do: “It’s Aspiro Time.” In short, it means, “Let’s create the best, do the best, and become the best, period.” This is the culture that is infused into everything we do and creates the foundation for our therapeutic wilderness programs. Read More


When it comes to your child, it is imperative that anyone working with them has been accredited by the appropriate authorities to ensure proper safety, treatment, and that best practices are followed. Read More


From skiing the best snow on Earth to mountain biking the infamous red rocks of southern Utah, our wilderness therapy students experience the best of what Utah’s wilderness has to offer.   Read More

Our Team

Great care is taken to find the best therapists, therapeutic field guides, medical staff, and other team members. As such, many of the industries’ leaders call Aspiro home. Read More

Wilderness Adventure Therapy

While many programs employ wilderness therapy, we knew there had to be more. For years we’ve known direct mentoring, in-the-moment coaching, and repetitive practice are powerful mechanisms for change. In fact, adventure therapy is a well documented method that has driven amazing results since the 1960s. With strategic planning and intentional research, we added the concept of adventure therapy to wilderness therapy, thereby fully crafting our model of Wilderness Adventure Therapy (WAT).

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